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January 19, 2016 Comments Closed

Do You Know about WooCommerce Android applicaion ?

Posted by:admin onJanuary 19, 2016

WooCommerce Android applicaion

Now for mobile users have great news , they can update edit delete and manage sells form their mobiles.There are many android apps available in market for Woo-commerce also we can develop a new app for wooCommerce to track sells and mange it.

You can create widgets from your App Manager plugin and populate your app home screen. You can also create custom pages to display widgets. Your app gets updated dynamically when you make changes from the plugin.

Mobile app is one the plugin which provide apps functionality to the woo commerce users, Mobile – WordApp | Mobile App iPhone & Android Native app & Mobile site in one. Now WooCommerce & BuddyPress Compatible.Mobile – WordApp is a WordPress mobile plugin that converts your blog/website in to a mobile app & mobile website. Built by a community of mobile app geeks we are really proud to offer the very first mobile app building plugin for WordPress.

Other one WooSales Mobile is an Android sales statistics application for WooCommerce plugin. The application gives you real-time sales statistics and also a history of all orders.
WooSales Mobile is also available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).The sales reports section starts with the overview section – this gives you an idea of the current performance via a sales graph and several handy stats such as total sales, total orders, average order totals and average order items.

Woodroid application gives you the direct use of your own WordPress Website with Woo-commerce as an Android Application. This is a native application. Now-a-days most of people in the world use Mobile Phones. Android is one of the best choice for people. So this will be very useful for all customers of your website.

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