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Magento Or Woocommerce

Posted by:admin onJanuary 19, 2016

Confuse which one is best For You ?

Magento Or  Woocommerce

Woocommerce and magento platforms are open source, meaning they are free and their source code is available for customization. Be careful with the “free” price tag, though. It simply means that there are no licensing costs.they both platforms make their money selling add-ons (and Magento also sells a hosted enterprise version), which certainly add costs. Adding Magento extensions via Magento Connect (their add-on marketplace) is basically unavoidable if you plan to run even a novice eCommerce store. Woocommerce works in WordPress–more on that later–where you can get away with more free add-ons.

Magento and Woocommerce are both popular in eCommerce field. In fact, they are two of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market. Therefore, the both tout huge developer communities, meaning it should be relatively easy to find developers to help you with technical issues.

The differences

Magento tends to be more robust in terms of eCommerce functionality, but Woocommerce tends to allow more capability breadth as a Power website (because WordPress is more than just eCommerce).

Magento extensions tend to be eCommerce focused, where Woocommerce plays nicely with the enormous range of WordPress plugins.

Developers for each system will likely have different skill–Magento developers will tend to be more specifically eCommerce focused.

One may have a bunch of capabilities that are unnecessary for you in magento or woocommerce, depending on your online market strategy. Both are highly secure and powerful.

Ask Your self What is your need ?

Are You have more than 10,00,000 products to shell ? then magento for you

Are you need great website with blog functionality with a shop ? then Woocommerce for you

Are you want simple shop with payment gateway ? then Woocommerce for you

Are you need user friendly eCommerce with great cms and design ? then Woocommerce for you

If you have large team and ware house of products ? then magento for you

WooCommerce is easy and light wait plugin of a wordpress that provide a powerful functionality with blog and website , where magento is a heavy one powerful platform build for large eCommerce websites. Now you decide what you need ?

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