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Top Angularjs Examples

Posted by:admin onApril 5, 2016

Top Angularjs Examples

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google designed to create dynamic web apps. AngularJS is a complete solution for developing a front end based application without dependency on any other frameworks or plugin. This feature rich framework adds a spark to your web application and has a lot to offer. Some features of AngularJS are:

It supports MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture where a developer just has to split the app into MVC components and rest is managed by AngularJS.
“Two Way Data binding” which ensures any change made in view will reflect in the model and vice versa.
The use of templates which allows you to show information from model and controller.
Angular Directives are attributes which enhances the functionality of html elements by adding new functionalities to them.
Expressions are like code snippets enclosed within curly braces which do not use any conditional statements or loops instead, they are used to format data and display it.
Scope is a JavaScript object that resides in the model and acts as an intermediate which controls flow of data between controller and view.

Keeping these features in mind AngularJS provides a great platform to build your website. Last week in our blog, we had gone through 12 best AngularJS frameworks that can be used to develop your next generation apps, today we will look upon top 15 websites built with AngularJS to let you know more about this technology.

1) YouTube for PS3

YouTube hardly needs any recognition. YouTube which is available on Sony PlayStation 3 is built with AngularJS. It gives a platform to watch and share videos to millions of user worldwide. The majority of content uploaded on YouTube is by individuals. The site was bought by Google just after a year it came into existence.

weather gives you one of the most precise weather forecasting reports and is highly recommended. It gives you weather updates from all over the world which keeps on updating at regular intervals.

3) GoodFilms

There are many social movie review platform to find ratings of the movie, share it or even rate it. GoodFilms with its unique graphical representation and genuine reviews is emerging as trendsetter with its unique concept. Its mobile site is built with AngularJS technology.


Freelancer is the world’s most renowned marketplace for outsourcing. The employer just needs to post the project to get their work done. There are around 15.7 million freelancers registered on this site who compete against each other by bidding on the project.


Netflix is headquartered at California (United States) and provides on request internet streaming media to viewers. It brings the latest movies and TV series at your doorstep by sending you DVDs via Permit Reply Mail.


UpWork is another great site which provides a platform employer can find freelancers for any job at any time. It allows client to work, hire and interview with freelancers thereby, reducing the efforts to find a suitable employee for the role.

angularjs is a website for learning AngularJS. This site contains videos, free course, tutorials and case studies to learn AngularJS. This site gives a perfect platform for learning AngularJS to novice.


Istockphoto has a huge collection of images, videos and photo clips. These images can be purchased at a nominal price of US $0.95 to $1.50 with price range varying on the credits allotted to an image.



Jetblue is a leading airline services in USA. The airline service carry its operation in United States along with 12 other countries in South America, Latin America and Caribbean. It was awarded “Best Airline Rewards Program” in 2014-2015 by US News and World Report.



Landsend is an e-commerce website which specializes in luggage, home furnishings and casual clothing. The clothing retailer company which is US based also started its operation in Upper Midwest, Germany, Austria, France and UK.


WikiWand is like a wrapper over Wikipedia. It brings in a fresh look with improved interface which includes a sidebar menu, navigation bar and many other changes. The designers have done great work to rejuvenate world’s fifth most popular website.


MobileRoadie provides a platform to create mobile apps without any knowledge of coding for leading platforms like iOS and Android. It is a very popular site amongst mobile app developers and is highly rated in terms of functionality it provides for developing mobile apps.

Here are few apps built on AngularJS

13) Posse

Posse is a mobile app which you discover places all around the world. Here you can suggest places and help travelers by posting your views or can add the places you love to your wish list. You can even join a group of travelers heading towards the same location using your app.

14) MealShaker

Are you also stuck in a dilemma at which place to eat, tired of old places, want to try something new that is worth every penny. Don’t worry, MealShaker is the right app for you, as it lets you explore new places to dine in your vicinity. You can also share the same so your friends can view the same.

15) MallZee


MallZee is a shopping app which enriches your online shopping experience. It brings you a wide range of clothing from latest trends which keeps you ahead of fashion curve all the time. It has a unique feature which lets you share images with friends, as all of us need second opinion.

AngularJS is modified version of HTML used to build web apps. It is extensible and every feature in it can be modified to meet your requirement. AngularJS has opened up new gates for improving web performance which is not at all possible with legacy browsers.

There are many sites and mobile apps built on AngularJS and after doing a thorough research we have compiled a list of top 15 websites and apps. After going through them you will definitely realize the power of AngularJS and will feel an urge to get acquainted with AngularJS. Also if you are aware of any other websites or apps built with AngularJS, you can let us know in comments below.

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